County Cork Map circa 1821

Below is a map of County Cork, Ireland, made around 1821 AD. This is 2 years before Thomas Boyle and his family, as well as his single, younger brother Henry left Ireland for Canada aboard the Stakesby ship in 1823. I have highlighted three places of interest on the map in inverse type: Clonmeen which is the parish that they claimed they had been living in on the boat records, and Bandon and Ballymodan, which is where Henry and Thomas claimed to have been born, respectively. I wish I could give credit for where the map came from, but I found it on the net almost 5 years ago, and it has since disappeared.
If one reads some more of the history of Peter Robinson and how he selected his first settlers for Canada (and where he was selecting them from), you will recognize several more towns and ports in here that are mentioned in his archives.
County Cork circa 1821 map