Elijah Owens and Mary Owens (nee Boyle) - early to mid 1880's

Elijah & Mary Owens - early to mid 1880's
Portrait picture of Elijah and Mary Owens (Mary is an older sister of James, and the only daughter of William Sr.'s family that moved to Manitoba). There are a lot of pictures of the Boyle family taken at the same studio in Morden, MB, with the exact same backdrop, so I am assuming that some big family event was taking place (perhaps a wedding?) when all of these photos were taken. This picture was taken probably before Elijah & Mary's only surviving daughter, Arminella, was born (she was born in 1886).

The back of this picture had some handwriting on it. It says: "Elijah Owens Darlingford, Man. CB 2 98 Gent sitting as it is 3-7-28 SE 1/4 No. 7 "
-3-7-28 SE 1/4 is the quarter section of land that Elijah owned near Darlingford, until the family move about 70 miles west to Cartwright sometime around 1904-1908 (I have records of Elijah still purchasing stuff from the Darlingford store in 1904, and his daughter Arminella married Thompson Owens (I don't think they were related) in Feb. 26, 1908 in Cartwright).

On a sad note: Elijah and Mary's gravestone appears to have been permanently lost when the old graveyard at Cartwright was moved in 1962, to make room for a new highway. From talking to some local people who were there at the time, it appears as though somebody (or some company) was contracted to move the graves, but about 35-40 were missed, and were discovered when the highway construction crew hit them. At this point, the tombstones were missing, so they just move the graves to the new cemetery, and put up a memorial tombstone stating how many adults and how many children were moved, but not identifying any of them. According to old cemetery records, Elijah and Mary were buried in Plot #67 in the old graveyard, along with Russell Thompson Owens (Arminella and her husband Thompson Owens first born, who died June 20, 1909 at the age of 6 months and 14 days), and Thelma Marguerite Owens, who died July 20, 1915 at the age of 1 year and 23 days (4th child of Arminella and Thompson).