Thomas Boyle Family tree - and side branches

Family Group Record for Walter Alec BOWES and Debbie Ann “Annie” DAVIS

Husband: Walter Alec BOWES Born: on 28 March 1880 Baptized: Married: on 10 July 1901 in Hagarty, Ontario, Canada Died: on 28 July 1977 in Black Donald, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada Buried: His Father: Alexander “Sandy” BOWES His Mother: Frances Ann THOMAS Notes Pedigree Descendants
Wife: Debbie Ann “Annie” DAVIS Born: on 8 Aug. 1880 in Wicklow Township, Ontario, Canada Baptized: Died: on 25 Oct. 1955 in Renfrew, Ontario, Canada Buried: in Admaston Cemetery, Ontario, Canada Her Father: George DAVIS Her Mother: Elizabeth Eliza “Eliza” BOYLE Notes Pedigree Descendants
1 Dau: Edyth Grace Myrtle “Grace” BOWES Born: on 25 March 1903 Baptized: Died: Buried: Her First Husband: Burton “Bert” PRENTICE Her Second Husband: Michael Lewis OBREY Notes Pedigree Descendants
2 Son: Walter John BOWES Born: on 7 Dec. 1905 Baptized: Died: on 11 Sep. 1965 Buried: His Wife: Clara Dorothy HUTTON Notes Pedigree Descendants
3 Dau: Eliza Jane “Jean” BOWES Born: on 31 Aug. 1907 in Tramore, Ontario, Canada Baptized: Died: on 23 Nov. 1944 Buried: in Haley Cemetery, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada Her Husband: Howard Wright DELARGE Notes Pedigree
4 Son: Alec “Alex” BOWES Born: on 19 March 1910 Baptized: Died: Buried: His Wife: Edna RIOPELLE Notes Pedigree
5 Son: George B. BOWES Born: on 29 March 1911 Baptized: Died: in 1993 Buried: in Cobden Union Cemetery, Cobden, Ontario, Canada His First Wife: Olive M. DELARGE His Second Wife: Agnes Notes Pedigree Descendants
6 Dau: Jenneth “Jennie” BOWES Born: on 22 May 1913 Baptized: Died: Buried: Her Husband: James ARNO Pedigree Descendants
7 Dau: Isabell BOWES Born: on 11 April 1917 Baptized: Died: Buried: Her Husband: Albert NICHOLS Notes Pedigree Descendants
8 Son: Joseph “Joe” BOWES Born: on 13 May 1919 Baptized: Died: Buried: His Wife: Edna DESLAURIER Notes Pedigree Descendants
9 Dau: Teenie BOWES Born: Baptized: Died: Buried: Her Husband: Carson BENNETT Notes Pedigree Descendants
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