Thomas Boyle Family tree - and side branches

Family Group Record for Jakub FREGINGER and Julianna JETTER

Husband: Jakub FREGINGER Born: in 1826 Baptized: Married: on 10 Nov. 1844 in Province of Lodz, Poland Died: Buried: His Father: Michael FREGINGER His Mother: Barbara BANTEL Notes Pedigree Descendants
Wife: Julianna JETTER Born: in 1824 Baptized: Died: Buried: Her Father: Jakub JETTER Her Mother: Salomei HELD Notes Pedigree Descendants
1 Son: Adam FREGINGER Born: on 9 July 1869 in Brzozowiec, Poland Baptized: Died: Buried: His Wife: Barbara KANG Notes Pedigree Descendants
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