Thomas Boyle Family tree - and side branches

Family Group Record for Michael CAVANAGH and Mary Jane MULLIGAN

Husband: Michael CAVANAGH Born: on 17 Sep. 1834 in Huntley, Ontario, Canada Baptized: Married: on 6 April 1865 Died: on 2 July 1897 in Huntley, Ontario, Canada Buried: His Father: John CAVANAGH His Mother: Jane B. RIVINGTON Pedigree Descendants
Wife: Mary Jane MULLIGAN Born: on 19 April 1841 Baptized: Died: on 5 Dec. 1916 in Huntley, Ontario, Canada Buried: Her Father: John MULLIGAN Her Mother: Mary CULBERT Pedigree Descendants
1 Dau: Emma Jane CAVANAGH Born: on 14 Feb. 1866 Baptized: Died: in 1932 Buried: Her Husband: Wellington Brown BRADLEY Pedigree
2 Dau: Louisa Ann CAVANAGH Born: on 24 Nov. 1867 Baptized: Died: in 1939 Buried: Her Husband: Solomon LOGAN Pedigree
3 Dau: Martha Anne CAVANAGH Born: Baptized: on 29 Sep. 1869 Died: Buried: Pedigree
4 Dau: Elizabeth CAVANAGH Born: on 16 Feb. 1870 Baptized: Died: on 9 July 1911 Buried: Her Husband: Ruggles Robert FOSTER Pedigree
5 Dau: Mary Elexana CAVANAGH Born: on 15 Feb. 1872 in Huntley, Ontario, Canada Baptized: Died: on 14 Dec. 1953 in MacGregor, Manitoba, Canada Buried: Her Husband: Nicholas Clark ARGUE Pedigree
6 Dau: Ida Margaret CAVANAGH Born: on 5 June 1874 Baptized: Died: on 1 Feb. 1935 in Mimico, York, Ontario, Canada Buried: Her Husband: James Herbert HODGINS Pedigree
7 Dau: Phoebe Emeline CAVANAGH Born: on 17 March 1876 Baptized: Died: on 15 May 1950 in Goulbourn, Ontario, Canada Buried: Her Husband: Albert ARGUE Pedigree
8 Son: William John CAVANAGH Born: on 12 May 1879 Baptized: Died: in 1969 Buried: in Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Carp, Ontario, Canada His First Wife: Lola RIVINGTON His Second Wife: Clara May STORY Notes Pedigree Descendants
9 Son: Thomas Hiram CAVANAGH Born: in 1881 Baptized: Died: in 1960 Buried: His Wife: Catherine BAIRD Pedigree
10 Son: Richard Barber CAVANAGH Born: in 1883 Baptized: Died: in 1887 Buried: Pedigree
11 Dau: Hannah Rebecca CAVANAGH Born: on 1 Nov. 1886 in Huntley, Ontario, Canada Baptized: Died: on 27 Oct. 1982 in Almonte, Ontario, Canada Buried: Her Husband: Charles Banford LYTLE Pedigree
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