Thomas Boyle Family tree - and side branches

Family Group Record for Hamilton GABIE and Elizabeth MULLIGAN

Husband: Hamilton GABIE Born: in 1837 Baptized: Married: Died: in 1897 in Kazabazua, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada Buried: His Father: William GABIE His Mother: Mary LOWRY Notes Pedigree Descendants
Wife: Elizabeth MULLIGAN Born: in 1845 Baptized: Died: in 1891 in Kazabazua, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada Buried: Her Father: Her Mother: Descendants
1 Son: Robert Wesley GABIE Born: in 1863 Baptized: Died: in 1946 Buried: His Wife: Margaret WILLOUGHBY Pedigree
2 Dau: Ellen Jane GABIE Born: on 2 Sep. 1863 Baptized: Died: in 1923 in Kazabazua, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada Buried: Her Husband: Mark CHAMBERLIN Pedigree Descendants
3 Son: John Gourlay GABIE Born: on 15 July 1864 Baptized: Died: in 1943 Buried: His Wife: Mary Elizabeth JOYNT Pedigree Descendants
4 Son: Lowry GABIE Born: in 1869 Baptized: Died: in 1929 Buried: Pedigree
5 Son: Hamilton Jr. GABIE Born: in 1871 Baptized: Died: in 1931 Buried: Pedigree
6 Dau: Mary O. GABIE Born: in 1873 Baptized: Died: in 1933 Buried: Pedigree
7 Son: George GABIE Born: in 1875 Baptized: Died: in 1935 Buried: Pedigree
8 Son: Wallis A. GABIE Born: in 1877 Baptized: Died: in 1937 Buried: Pedigree
9 Dau: Fanny GABIE Born: in 1880 Baptized: Died: in 1940 Buried: Pedigree
10 Dau: Annie GABIE Born: on 28 Nov. 1881 in Aylwin, Quebec, Canada Baptized: Died: on 11 Nov. 1963 in Danford Lake, Quebec, Canada Buried: Her Husband: Wilfred CARRUTHERS Pedigree Descendants
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