Thomas Boyle Family tree - and side branches

Notes for Charles CURTIS

He is listed as 35 in the 1851 census, which would put his birth year closer to 1816. He is listed as a farmer born in Cork, Ireland. They are listed as living in a frame house. if I understand the 1851 census form correctly, they also had a William Mar????? (can’t read last name) living with them as a labourer, who was turning 16 later that year, and was born in Huntley.

In the 1861 census, he is reported to have been born in County Cork, Ireland.

In the 1871 census, he is listed as 54 (born around 1817).

In the 1881 census, he is also listed as a farmer, born in 1817, living in Fitzroy, Carleton, ON. At the time, they had two people living in their household besides themselves: Florence E. Curtis (born 1874), and William Boyle (born 1856). William was the youngest son of Mary’s brother William, by his first marriage to Elizabeth Curtis. I am not sure who specifically Florence belonged to. In this census, they also live next door to the Ring family, and their is a Mary Ring there of the right age to be William’s first wife. (Thomas Story and family is also a neighbor). Here is listed as 64 years old, putting his birth around 1817.

His death registration gives his age as 73, which equates to him being born around 1810. His tombstone says his was 70, which would put it around 1813 (it also says he died September 3, not 5, and 1883, not 1882). Curiously, it was registered by William Boyle, but not until February 27, 1884. It lists his cause of death (having had it for 20 years), but I can’t read it (appears to start with an F, with 2 syllables).

Charles bought some of the land from Charles Checkley, who may have been related to Mary’s mom, Mary Checkley. The other part of the land was sold to Thomas Story (50 acres each).

It should also be noted that the Checkley family was near Charles’ land in the 1851 census, and the eldest 2 (Charles Checkley, turning age 40, and Mary Checkley, widowed age 70), were both born in County Cork as well.

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