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Notes for Charles S. BOYLE

From Almonte Gazette, Dec. 1871:

On Monday last a shocking accident occured at Mr. Abial Marshall’s, Ramsay. A threshing mill was at work in Mr. Marshall’s barn, and a boy named Charles Boyle, who was assisting with the work, in coming out of the barn stepped across the rod which connects the horse power with the mill, when his trousers were caught by a bolt, and the unfortunate youth was hurled round the horizontal bar at great speed, [striking his head]. When extricated, his ankle and hip were found to be broken, and his skull fractured. Dr. Patterson was in attendance shortly after the accident happened, but medical assistance was of no avail and he died an hour after. The boy was a son of Mrs. Boyle, Almonte, and was about 14 years of age.

This indicates that he died in 1871, not 1872. Also, he has a 2nd tombstone behind his uncle & grandfather’s in Pakenham, which is where his middle initial is from.

He shows up in the 1871 census for Almonte as Charles S., age 14.

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