Thomas Boyle Family tree - and side branches

Notes for Thomas W. BOYLE

Listed as being 1 years old in 1851 census, so may have been born in 1850. Moved to Ottawa after his father’s death with the rest of the family, and it is believed that he never married.

From Anglican Church of Ottawa register for Huntley:”Thomas, son of Charles and Nancy Boyle, farmer, 10th concession of Huntley, born Oct. 14, 1851, baptized Nov. 6, 1851. John Flood.”

His middle initial ‘W’ showns up in the 1871 census for Almonte, where he is living with his widowed mom and family as a 19 year old harness maker.

There is a Thomas Boyle who died in Toronto from consumption (over the course of 10 weeks; consumption back then meant a wasting disease, usually pulmonary tuberculosis) on September 21, 1887, who was a hotel manager, and was listed as 27 years old, which puts the birth date around the same time. Not sure if this is the same Thomas Boyle, as no parents names are listed, just that it was reported by a J. Heanley, the hotel keeper.

Barb has him listed as dying in 1901 in Cobden,ON, which is probably correct.

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