Thomas Boyle Family tree - and side branches

Notes for Thomas STORY

Anne Sterling has him born in 1822, and being a Merchant Tailor. The 1901 census says that he immigrated to Canada in 1840.

Birthdate from 1901 Ottawa census.

She also has a newspaper article from November 1853, that mentions that he moved his tailor business to a new larger, location after outgrowing his previous location. He moved it from Rideau Street to Sussex Street.

There is a newspaper article in the Aug. 25, 1865 Union paper in Ottawa that suggested that Thomas was insolvent (unable to pay creditors). Not 100% positive this is the same Thomas Story, but he is also listed as a “Merchant Tailor”.

1871 census has him living in Ottawa with his 2nd wife, and 5 kids. He is listed as a Merchant.

The “Lovell’s Province of Ontario Directory for 1871” has Thomas listed as “Story,Thomas & Co., merchant tailors, 76 Sussex St.” in Ottawa (Sussex Street is now part of the larger Sussex Drive, which was a merger done in 1967 of Metcalfe Street, Sussex Street and Ottawa Street).

The registration of his daughter Olive’s birth in December of 1874 shows that he was a merchant tailor at the time.

1881 census still has him in Ottawa, as a merchant. By this time, they had a servant living with them, name Ellen. Eliza had already left (or passed away by then).

By 1891 it is just Thomas, Lucinda, John and Emma still living at home. At this point, Thomas is listed as a “Cutter, Tailor”.

By 1901, It’s Thomas and Lucinda, with their youngest daughter Emma.

He passed away from heart issues.

A 1954 interview with his niece Catherine Story mentions, “As youngsters, Cathie and George [her brother] enjoyed visiting their uncles in Ottawa, George who had a general store on the market and Thomas who ran a busy tailor shop when the Union Station platform stands today. In his shop, girls working on rows of sewing machines turned out fashionable clothes for the 19th century Ottawans.”

She also has him having 2 sons and 4 daughters... but other than the two I have listed, I don’t know which wife had each.

Sunday, June 6, 2021