Thomas Boyle Family tree - and side branches

Notes for Louisa Violetta “Etta or Ettie” HOLLEY

Sister of Edna Holley, who married Etta’s husband’s brother, Thomas.

A semi-hidden family fact is that Etta left Atwell for a period of a few months in 1940, and had an affair that got her pregnant with Barry. Atwell finally tracked her down, and asked her to come back (she was in Flin Flon, I believe), and they raised Barry as their own. The real father is not known, but due to Etta’s reaction to a picture of a man dressed in miltary garb in one of her old photo albums, I believe that that is the man.

Just as her sister had before her to her brother in law (Edna and Thomas), Etta eloped with Atwell because of Atwell’s parents initial disapproval (nobody seemed to be good enough to marry the Boyle boys).

She was cremated, and Barry and the rest of the family came to put her ashes in the Lintlaw cemetery in the spring after she died (some months afterwards).

Sunday, June 6, 2021