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Notes for William Robert BOYLE

Lived in Neudorf, SK, as one of the first settlers, for most of his life.

From the Melville Advance June 29, 1983 paper:

“Six senior citizen housing units at Neudorf were named “Boyle Place” in honour of Mr. William Robert Boyle, former long-time resident of Neudorf, at the official opening ceremonies, June 17. Miss Alice Boyle of Lethbridge, Alberta, daughter of “Pa Boyle” as he was affectionately known, brought words of greetings from herself and other members of the Boyle family, and cut the ribbon marking the opening of the new units. The six units are a project of the federal, provincial and local governments, costing a total of $210,000. The units were handed over to the Neudorf Housing Authority in December of 1982 and the first residents moved into them shortly after. William Boyle, after whom the units are named, served on the village and R.M. Councils, built several homes in Neudorf, helped lay out the street plan and was an active citizen of the village for many years. He lived to be 100 years of age and died in 1972. In a story on Boyle appearing in the Melville Advance in 1972, the author wrote, “This is the story of a real pioneer. The story of a man who helped build a nation, and watched it grow from a babe to one of the world’s leading nations, of a man who built a village and helped those around him through the thrills and joys, hardships and trials that are experienced in over fifty years in a new land -- the land that a pioneer has cherished over the years, the land he loves.” ... A sign, “Boyle Place” made by local cabinet-maker Perry Schmidt, was unveiled and the symbolic key to the units was presented by the Mayor, Jacob Hollinger, who spoke on behalf of the Village of Neudorf. Several residents of Boyle Place were on hand for the opening. The present residents are: Amelia Ring, Catherine Tressel, Mathilda Armbruster, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Shienbein, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tressel, and Dora Dixon.”

From Boyle Bulletin #7 - an interview in 1957: He moved to the Neudorf area on June 17, 1904, along with his friend, Jim Foley (they had left Ontario together in April, traveling to Winnipeg and Indian Head, MB first). In his youth, his family moved around in Ontario, and he lived in Tucker Creek, Stafford, and Pembroke (the latter for several years). First job was with a lumber company at Cash Bay, ON. Later, they moved to Warren, Canadian Sioux on the U.S. border, and the to Copper Cliffe, ON. Neudorf, upon their arrival, consisted of 1/2 a dozen log houses, 3 livery stables, and a liquor store. They arrived at 2 AM, looking for a milling company that they were told they could find work. They found a cabin with a light still on, and, approaching to ask directions, William saw the first woman he had seen since he left Winnipeg. He married her almost 2 years later, and built their first home in 1907.Loved fishing, even in his 80’s. Helped build the village hotel, completed to 3 stories in 1907. Worked for the Grenfell Milling Company for 37 years, and was manager of the lumber yard and ran the business. Retired from mill in 1941, then worked 10 years at Schram’s Hardware until completely retiring. Overseer of 1st Neudorf council in 1907 (along with J.C. Miller and John Pyson). Did measuring and planning of town streets. Was councillor for the municipality of McLeod for 12 years. He built at least 8 of the homes in Neudorf, and a couple in Melville as well. Built a lot of staircases in houses for $1.00 per step. During winter months he spent many early winters in the bushlands as a lumberjack.His 2nd marriage wedding in Regina was a double marriage; also married was a grandchild of his 2nd wife’s. Of his 4 daughters that lived to adulthood, 3 were teachers and one was a graduate nurse.

After his 2nd wife’s death, he moved to Lethbridge, AB to live with his daughter “Teene” and her husband Crawford. Entered the Divon nursing home in 1969, where he spent most of his time in bed, but still enjoyed rides in his wheelchair, and brief walks with assistance.

From Boyle Bulletin #16 - he was a waterboy helping the CPR build the railway in North Bay, ON in 1883, when he was only 11-12 years old (his uncle Robert also worked on this project).

From “Neudorf Memories of Pioneer Roots” history book:

Page 9: “Neudorf was incorporated as a village with J.C. Miller, John Paysen and W.R. Boyle elected as councillors. Mr. Boyle was chosen as overseer[...]”

Page 13: “The first store I can find any record of in Neudorf was the Grenfell Milling Co., built in 1904, located on Main Street where Sandors Barber Shop and Pool Hall now stands. The Senior Citizens Friendship Centre was a part of the old building. The remainder was torn down in the late 1940’s. This store sold hardware, lumber, machinery, and other farm supplies with Mr. W.R. Boyle as manager.”

Page 14: “To supply the tremendous demand for building supplies in the early days, Neudorf had three lumber yards operating simultaneously. One owned and operated by the Grenfell Milling Co., W.R. Boyle manager, was located on lot 25, Block 2 (directly across the lane behind the present Post Office). This ceased operations in the early 1920’s.”

Page 21: W.R. Boyle was Reeve of the RM of McLeod No. 185 from 1942-1945.

Page 40: “The new [Henry School] was a lumber structure, 36 feet by 24 feet. It was built in the same schoolyard as the present old, brick vaneer, two story building. It was built by Mr. W. Boyle, Mr. J. Foley and Mr. C. New. The labour cost of the school was $275.00. The first school was named the Henry School. It opened in December, 1905.” (The school was later renamed the Neudorf Village School District No. 392, once Neudorf became incorporated as a village in 1907).

Page 163: (Entry for August and Katherine Leier family): “[August]...worked as a farm laborer and in 1921 he started farming on the Billy Boyle farm.” His wife (Katherine Hollinger) parents also farmed the Boyle farm for 7 years until 1928.

Page 218: (History for Friederich Tressel family): “[Friederich’s] personal friendship with Mr. Wendel was carried on in Neudorf area through a daughter of Mr. Wendel, namely Mrs. Elizabeth Boyle, whom he often babysat while living with his family in Gassendorf (Austria/Poland). The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Boyle (Tenie) gave nursing care to Margaretha and Friederich before their deaths.”

The 1921 census shows the family living in the McLeod Municipality in Saskatchewan.

By the 1926 census, they are living in Neudorf, and William was actually the census enumerator for his area (including his own household).

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