Thomas Boyle Family tree - and side branches

Notes for Robert BOWES

Alternate spelling is BOOSE.

From Boyle Bulletin #8 - Slight in stature, but energetic. Lived in Ramsay, ON, before moving to Admaston Township. Said to have come to Canada on “The David of London” ship in 1821, from Scotland (landed in Quebec in May, 1821).

From Boyle Bulletin #16 - married by James Rae, Justice of the Peace (no minister within 18 miles). Witnesses were Walter Black (Janet’s father) and Thomas McLean.

Other sources show his birth date as Feb. 26, 1807.

Moved to Admaston from Ramsay in the winter of 1836, by sleigh.

Listed in 1851/1852 census as T. Bowes, age 54, from Scotland, as a farmer, in Lanark County, Pakenham Township, page 3.

The list in the census for this whole family is by initial only, and some don’t seem to match ages (unless they used middle names for the initial). The list for the kids were (all born in Canada): J. Bowes, Labourer, Male, age 26; M. Bowes,Female, age 24; T. Bowes, Labourer, Male, age 22; J. Bowes,Female, age 20; C. Bowes, Female, age 18; E. Bowes, Female, age 16; A. Bowes, Labourer, Male, age 13; J. Bowes, Male, age 11; A. Bowes, Female, age 9.

It may be that some of the oldest male children were married and living at home at the time of the census.

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