Thomas Boyle Family tree - and side branches

Notes for John MCNABB

Marriage certificate says that the marriage was in the presence of Henry Boyle (brother of bride) and Jennie McNabb (Assume that means Eliza Jane “Jennie”, sister of John). Signed by James H? something.

McNab spelled with one ‘b’ on Manitoba vital statistics marriage record (and marriage certificate in family bible), but all hand written references by the family itself are 2 b’s. Marriage date confirmed, though it lists the place as RM of South Dufferin.

Barb has his birth year as 1866.

Died of Multiple Sclerosis. Manitoba Vital statistics verifies date, listed as being in RM of Stanley.

If 1891 census for E. Selkirk, South Dufferin 2 is the correct record for them (looks right by ages, places of birth, etc.), the both of John’s parents were born in Scotland, and he was born in Ontario. There is a widowed Eliza McNab family living next to John in this census, that may be his mother. If so, other children were Andrew, Jennie, Willliam and Eliza.

1901 census has last name spelled as McNabb and birth date as Oct 27 1866 (District Lisgar, Subdistrict Stanley, H-5). It also lists him as being born in Scotland, and emigrating to Canada in 188x (hole in paper of census).

1911 census, however, shows him being born in Ontario, of Scottish descent, born in October of 1865.

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