Thomas Boyle Family tree - and side branches

Notes for Parker Wallace “Wallace” MCNABB

Birth date confirmed from Manitoba Vital statistics record (but middle name spelled Walles). Listed as being born in RM of Stanley.

Marriage place/date confirmed by Manitoba Vital Statistics record (but last name spelled McNabb, and middle name spelled Wallaner, and Hannah’s middle name spelled Valance).

Death date and place confirmed by BC Vital Statistics record.

Listed as being born March 1, 1892 in 1901 census.

Served in World War I. Went to Gretna as Customs Office soon after the war. Retired in 1958, and moved to Haney, BC.

The 1921 census shows him in Gretna, living on his own, on 7th Street.

Family bible shows him dying “August 1965”.

His death certificate has a handwritten correction to his last name (dropping the 2nd ‘b’). It states that he had been in BC for 8 years, at Haney. He was cremated.

Sunday, June 6, 2021