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Notes for Abial MARSHALL

He is shown in the local 1844 Kitley Township (Leeds County) census. This is a head of household name census only; it does show that there was 1 male child, 6 male adults, 1 female child, and 2 female adults in the household at that time. I presume the 2 children are Charlotte and Thaddeus; the other adults must be siblings or parents.

It should be noted that there are no Marshalls in Kitley Township in their local 1841 census; so, Abial and family(ies) must have moved to that area between 1841-1844.

He is shown in the 1851 census for Kitley, Ontario, along with his wife and family. He is listed as a farmer. Another Marshall family is right next door (Elisha and Abigail Marshall, and their children), that is possibly a brother. He is also shown with a servant (15 year old Charlotte Tollman), and serveral labourers, including some other Marshalls in their 20’s. There is also an older generation of Marshall’s living nearby (James, born in the USA around 1785, and his wife Hannah, born in Canada around 1799). It is possible that this is Abial’s father and a step-mother, or perhaps an uncle.

Abial was a prosperous lumber dealer, and, after their move south, was the 1st postmaster at Washago. Thomazina’s 14 year old cousin, Charles Boyle Jr., was killed in a threshing accident on his farm.

According to the Post Office and Postmasters list on the Library and Archives Canada website, Abial was actually the 3rd postmaster for the region (although it may have been renamed at some point). He is listed as being appointed postmaster on April 1, 1873, and he resigned June 13, 1890.

He is listed in the 1881 census as Abil Marshall, a lumberman age 70, although it lists him as being born in Ontario. He is Presbyterian, and still living with his wife, in the Matchedash & Orillia, Simcoe North, ON area.

Marilyn has his birth date as May 26, 1809.

From a Marshall family history sent me from the family:

“Born in the township of Kitley, Leeds County, in 1810.

As a young man, he had to face many of the difficulties and hardships of pioneer life. As his father was an invalid, he labored assiduously on his father’s farm to support the large family of sisters and brothers. In 1837 he married Miss Charlotte Fralick, and purchased a farm, shortly afterwards, a sawmill, Lot 20, Con. 2, Township of Kitley.

In 1854 he was employed by a lumberman at Pakenham to build a sawmill, and whil there, he leased a mill site on the Mississippi River, near Almonte, from Mr. D. Sneddon.

He sold his property at Kitley, and move to Rosebank, Township of Ramsey, Lanark County, where he carried on a lumbering business for 18 years.

In 1870 he, in partnership with Robinson, and McDermott, purchased the sawmill, gristmill, and village property at Washago, on the Severn River, Simcoe County, from Quetton St. George interests, who started the first settlement at Washago, in 1852.

He carried on a lumbering business at Washago for many years, retiring from active business shortly after his wife’s death in 1887.

He served as Reeve and Councillor in Kitley, and Ramsey Townships, and as Postmaster at Washago for 20 years. He died in 1901, and was buried at Bethel Cemetery, Morrison Township, Muskoka.”

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