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Notes for Jacob Henry “Jake” HOLLEY

Lived on Lot 23, 4th Con., Albion,ON after his birth. Later farmed Lot 22, 11th Con., Artemesia, ON.

(A Jacob Holly is listed on Cons. 2, Lot 132, in the 1865-1866 Gazetteer & Directory of the County of Grey book by William Wye Smith (taken from assessment rolls for 1864).

In the 1851 census, the ages of William and Jacob appear to be reversed. Lived with his parents in Albion Township, Peel County at the time of 1851/1852 census.

His brother John’s obituary from 1917 mentions that Jacob was living in Markdale at that time. It also called him Jake.

His obituary appeared on the first page of the Markdale Standard, Jan. 17, 1924 edition. It mentions that he was in Sault Ste. Marie to visit his son and his son’s family. It says that he was born in 1840, and that his parents moved the family to Atermesia township in 1849. It also mentions that his body was brought back home to his son Jacob Andrew’s place in Markdale. The service was held at Jacob’s Andrew’s house by Reverend Dr. E.H. Grey, after which Jacob Henry was interred beside his wife.

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