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Notes for Joseph HOLLEY

Moved out west about 1923. As of 1901, was living with his brother James, and James’ wife, Annie.

Got into a bit of legal trouble in late 1920; quote from Flesherton Advance on Oct. 28, 1920:

“Magistrates McMullen and McTavish held court on Thursday evening last, when Joseph Holley was charged with pointing a gun at Wm. Cargo. Mr. Cargo said his cattle got loose and entered Holley’s property. He, with his dog, went after them, and while getting his cattle Holley attempted to him over the head with the gun. Later when he undertook to leave the premises Holley had fired his gun, the carge passing about two feet from Cargo. Holley denied that he fired in Cargo’s direction, and claimed he came out of the house with the gun intending to shoot the dog. This however, he made no attempt to do. After hearing all the story the Magistrates recorded a conviction and fined Holley $10 and costs. The town hall was packed to the doors with male and femail, young and old, and the consensus of opinion was that Holley got off very lightly under the circumstances.”

Was living in Western Canada as May, 1940.

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