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Notes for Jane TURNER

In the 1871 census for Wilberforce, Jane is listed as a widowed farmer. She is listed as being born in Ontario, of Irish descent.

She is still in Wilberforce in the 1881 census, along with children John, James, Robert, Eliza, Francis, Thomas and Frances. There is also a 1 year old Melissa (not sure whose she is). She is listed as a farmer, age 50.

In Wilberforce in the 1891 census (which also states that both of her parents were born in Ireland, and she is still a farmer). By this time, only Thomas, Francis and 11 year old female (Metete?) are with her. This census was done April 10, 1891. They also had a domestic, age 25, named Robert Bette living with them at the time, and I believe it mentions that he was widowed.

I have found a record for a Jane Turner who passed away in Wilberforce (age 77) on August 20, 1907, that may be her.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023