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Notes for Robert HUNT

Was adopted by his uncle Francis Gillan after his parent’s death.

In 1856, when Robert Hunt (Aubrey Hunt’s grandfather) lived on the E 1/2 of Lot 5, Con. 1, Fitzroy, known as part of the “Commons”, it was customary for the family to sit outdoors during the summer evenings. As night approached, they would hear wolves howling in the distance, then advancing nearer and nearer, until the family would have to move indoors, for safety. On one of these occasions, they forgot to bring their dog indoors with them. The wolves attacked. The Hunts were afraid to open the door for their dog lest the wolves might also gain entrance. The dog was killed and devoured on their door-step. (Story told by Robert Hunt’s grandson, Percy Hunt)

His gravestone may be in the Kinburn Baptist Cemetery in Fiztroy (can’t read the gravestone fully at:

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