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Notes for Robert HUNT

Was living on Townland 21 of Curraun Lower with his wife and 3 kids in the 1821 census.

At one time in Ireland, he was attacked by a mob of Roman Catholics with the intent to kill him, except that one of his tenants (John Maken) told the mob that they had the wrong man. In 1840, he, his wife, and 7 kids moved to Canada, partly because of this brush with death and partly because his brother John had sent letters from Fitzroy (he had went in 1832). The voyage had worse weather than his brother’s, and took over 7 weeks and 3 days. When they landed in Quebec City, Asiatic Cholera was raging there, and when they got to Montreal, the whole family except the eldest son Francis and his immediate family were quarantined at St. Lambert’s, Quebec until December, when Francis drove them all on covered sleigh to Fitzroy, ON. Tragedy struck just after they arrived at John Hunt’s home (Robert’s brother); Mary (sister of John’s wife) was active and pleased to see her friends again, but the following day she was unable to speak and died a week later. Robert himself caught cold after attending her funeral, and died as well one week later. Both of them are said to be buried at the Hunt cemetery, but no stones mark their graves. Of their children, Robert went to live with his uncle Francis Gillan, Fanny and Mary Ann stayed with their uncle John. What happened to John,Thomas and William is not known. Francis established his own home with his family.

They lived on a 7 acre farm in Curraun Townland, Parish of Mohill, Barony of Mohill, County Leitrim. Robert was a linen weaver and Mary was a flax spinner.

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