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Notes for Dr. Harold James Gugy GEGGIE

Practiced medicine in Wakefield from 1911 (after his future father-in-law, the doctor at the time, passed away) until 1966, and was joined by his 3 sons. Family tree on web lists his birth as 1886; 1911 census has 1887. He was also the founder of the Gatineau Memorial Hospital in 1952. His life story became a one man play called “Dr. Harold”, written by John Hardie, which was played at least twice in 2006 (Sept. 17 and 24) in Wakefield.

Listed in 1911 census as H.J. Geggie, living with Dr. Hans Stevenson, whose practice he would take over at the end of the year (after Hans passed away). He married Han’s 2nd eldest daughter, Ella. He is also listed as being of Scottish descent.

His obituary from the Ottawa Citizen in 1966 mentions that he came to Wakefield in 1911.

Barb has is death being on May 3, 1966.

A tribute to him from the Ottawa Citizen in 1966, after his death:

“Dr. Harold James Geggie, who has died at the age of 80, called himself “a simple country doctor” but everyone in the Gatineau knew that he had a great heart, medical skills and a sense of public service which earned him honour far and wide. He came to Wakefield in 1911 and gave to the community not only his personal healing ability but, in time, the services of three doctor sons and the facilities of a very good hospital he established.The specializations of medicine sometimes appear to make doctors generally remote from their communities but Dr. Geggie was one of those who shared the weal and woe of the Gatineau and knew well its difficult trials and private sorrows. R. L. Stevenson said the good physician was the flower of our civilization and the memory of good Dr. Geggie will blossom long in the memory of his people.On the Geggie Family gravestone: Father and Sons served the Community 1911 - 1990”

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