Thomas Boyle Family tree - and side branches

Notes for Emma Charlotte BACKMAN

Emma and her parents immigrated to the USA around 1863.

Family history:Emma Charlotta was born in Gamla Uppsala, Uppsala, Sverige (Sweden). She arrived in the USA at the age of 3 and lived with her family in South Dakota, USA.

In 1903, Emma met and married Gustaf Mollberg who had arrived in the USA from Sweden in 1886. He had two sons from a previous marriage, Carl and George and was widowed in 1897. As Emma and Gustaf were both in their late ‘30s, they had no more natural children but they adopted a little girl named Isobel Lindblom.

Meanwhile, Emma’s younger sister, Ida, had married Millbank, South Dakota local Ernest Chester Hillmer in 1894. The Hillmers had a very large family eventually totalling eleven living children.

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