Thomas Boyle Family tree - and side branches

Notes for Robert Leroy STEELE

There is a Robert L Steel, arried to Victora (probably a spelling mistake) living in Hopkins, Texas in 1910 census, and listed as being born in Ohio (as were his unnamed parents), but around 1861. Age listed as 49. If this is them, then they had 6 children at the time: William (age 11), Edward (age 9), Johnnie (age 8), Lee (age 5), Lonie (age 4), Pearl (age 2).

Again, if this is them, then in 1920 they were in Atoka,Oklahoma, where he is born in 1860, Children are William (age 21), Edgar (age 19), Johnnie (age 16), Leroy (age 15), Pearl (age 11), Louis (age 10), Paul (age 8), Jessie (age 7) and Corbie (age 5). All the kids were born in Texas, so they didn’t move to Oklahoma until at least 1914-1915. In this census it was spelled Steele.

One of the sons died in 1964 and another in 1973. All the rest lived in California, except Corbie who stayed in Texas.

Sunday, June 6, 2021