Thomas Boyle Family tree - and side branches

Notes for George TOWNEND

Birthdate from 1901 census in Winnipeg. Census also shows that they had a lodger named Henry A. Hunter with them, born May 11, 1870.

The 1901 census shows him being born in England, and having arrived in Canada in 1872. He is listed as Methodist, and a Teamster. He is also shown as having worked 12 months that year, and earning $600.00.

In the 1906 census for Saskatchewan, Goerge is shown as a partner with Thomas and Margaret Hodgson, is sub-district 14 of the Humboldt District. Maggie (Margaret) is shown with them, as well as Harold, and 4 hired men.

His probate estate filing for his death says that he passed away at the Northwest quarter for Section 18, Township 35. He made his last will and testament on April 9, witnessed by Edward Butler of the Clair post office, and Roy H. Franke. He willed 1/3 of his estate to his wife Olive, and 2/3 to his son Harold. His estate was assessed as being worth $5842.00 at that time. A full copy of this document is scanned in on the site.

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