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Notes for William F. “Bill” SOUSTER

From the October 3, 1884 Minnedosa Tribune:”The oldest of Mr. John Souster’s boys [William] had his right arm dislocated and broken on Tuesday last. It seems that after leaving school, one of the scholars challenged him to wrestle, which he did not wish to do, when the other boy clinched with him and threw him, with the above result. The little sufferer is progressing favourably under Dr. Roche’s care.”

William apparently had a bad accident that was written about in the February 15, 1894 Minnedosa Tribune newspaper:”Mr. William Souster, eldest son of Mr. John Souster, while chopping wood in the bush had the misfortune to cut off two of his toes. He was taken to the Winnipeg Hospital and at last accounts was doing well.”

William came to the Asquith area in 1904. He lived with Laura’s parents for one winter. After they married, they return to Manitoba in the fall of 1905 to bring back supplies, animals and machinery. He had his 3rd class papers as a steam engineer, and he and his brother Tom ran 3 different steam outfits over the years. He was also a charter member of the local Orange Lodge (from Asquith history book).

William, along with his brother John Edward, signed as witnesses their father’s will in 1917.

In the 1916 census for Loganton, Saskatchewan, William and Laura (spelled Lora on the census), along with their 3 eldest children Clifford, James and Lorne.

Still living in Loganton as of the 1921 census, along with Clifford, James, Lorne and Grace.

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