Thomas Boyle Family tree - and side branches

Notes for Thomas “Tom” GRASBY

They are in the RM of Marquette, Manitoba in the 1901 census (taken March 31, 1901). Thomas, his wife (shown as Jennie), there 3 eldest kids (Harriet, Ida and John), and a lodger from England named Fred W. Walker.

In 1906, the are still in the RM of Marquette, now with a hired man named Frank Williamson form England, as well as 3 daughters and two sons.

The Asquith history book shows him family moving to the Asquith area in 1907 from Franklin (near Minnedosa), Manitoba. His family joined him the following spring, by train.

There was no school in the area in 1908, so that year, the 3 oldest children stayed at their uncle Wallace’s place to attend the school at Fairholme. A school was built in 1909, and was named Grasby, since 5 of it’s first pupils were Grasby’s (the school close down in June of 1946).

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