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Notes for Charles Byron CRAIG

Died in a mine explosion in Lavack, Ontario (a nickel mine) - northwest of Sudbury. He started working there in April 1937. There is a report on the details (and inquiry) into his death in the province of Ontario’s “Report on the Mining Accidents in Ontario in 1937”. It states that he was employed as a “chute blaster”, and was killed intantly at 3:35 AM on July 10 (he was on the midnight shift), when a sand blast he had prepared on a large chunk of ore exploded in his face. The inquiry decided it was accidental; Craig had only been promoted to chute blaster 3 weeks earlier, and had set 2 charges. He had trouble setting the 2nd one, and then left it (worrying about when the first one would go off), thinking that the 2nd one was not lit. When he went to check on it after the initial blast went off, the 2nd charge (which actually was lit), went off.

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