Isaac E. Holley, Louisa (nee Foote) and Edna Holley - around 1906, Ontario

Isaac, Louisa and Edna Holley - family portrait around 1906 in Ontario
Portrait picture of Isaac and Louisa (nee Foote) Holley, along with their eldest (and only, at the time this picure was taken) daughter Edna. From recollections of their youngest daughter, Louisa Violetta "Etta" Boyle, Louisa originally came from England to work for the church, and met Isaac in Ontario. They were married, and then had Edna in 1904. In 1906 they moved to a farm in the area of Lintlaw, Saskatchewan, where they had a 2nd daughter, Violetta on April 12, 1910. Due to complications in her giving birth to Violetta, Louisa died shortly after, on either April 17, 1910. Since Lintlaw was such a new town at the time, they didn't have an official graveyard started, so she was buried (with a tombstone...picture forthcoming) on a small hill in the corner of a field, not far from where she lived.

When the family decided to move to Lintlaw, their local paper in Ontario had a small write up on them.