Headstones of Edgar Boyle, Blanche Boyle, Ernest Laing, Thomas Boyle and Sarah Jane Owens

Thomas Boyle family headstones
Two shots of the Thomas Boyle family plot in Darlingford, Manitoba. Thomas came to Manitoba from Pakenham, Ontario a year after his father William Sr. (and all of William Sr.'s 2nd family with Susan Whitehead, just after she died), along with the William Storey families (both Jr. and Sr... William Storey Sr. was married to Hester (or Esther) Boyle, who I believe is the younger sister of William Boyle Sr.). They arrived in May of that year. He returned to Ontario in January, 1888, to marry Sarah Jane Owens, and the marriage took place on Jan. 3, 1888 in the St. John's Church, in Antrim, Ontario.
Edgar Owens Boyle is Thomas and Sarah Jane's son. He married Blanche Rombaugh. They had one daughter, Alice, who married "Dick" Richard Shaver, and had at least 5 kids of their own. Alice's second husband is the Ernest Laing who appears here as well.