William Boyle Sr. Family Photo - 1890

William Boyle Sr. Family-1890

Picture of William Boyle Sr.'s family, taken in Morden, Manitoba. William died on Dec. 30, 1895 (his gravestone says Dec. 29) in Thornhill, MB, and was buried with his two wives and his parents in Pakenham, Ontario. This picture features all 7 of his children by his 2nd wife (Sarah Jane Whitehead), and three from his first wife, Elizabeth Curtis, (sometimes erroneously referred to as Mary Jane Curtis). The three children from his first marriage are Thomas, Mary, and James. As far as I can discern, James and Mary moved to Manitoba with William in 1877, while Thomas moved the following year (1878), along with the William Storey (both Sr. and Jr.) families. The families moved to Manitoba from Pakenham, Ontario not long after Sarah Jane Whitehead passed away. In the picture are:

Back row: Janet (McNabb), Parker, Charlie, Mag (Margaret) (Storey)
Middle row: Thomas, Mary (Owens), Nell (Ellen) (Larkin), James
Front row: Harry, Josephine (Hunt)

At least three known copies of this photo exist (a 4th down east was mentioned in the mid 1980's... I don't know if it is still around yet or not): one is in the possession of Lorne & Rita Boyle (Lorne is a grandchild of James in the picture), another in Pat Boyle's possession (one of the grandson's of Parker Boyle), and the third in Agnes Treilhard's possession (she is the grand-daughter of Janet Boyle and John McNabb). The picture was taken in 1890, as is recorded on Agnes Treilhard's copy of the photo. For awhile, it was assumed that the elder gentleman on the left was William Boyle, Sr., but has since been proven that it is, in fact, Thomas, William Sr.'s eldest son.