Tombstones of Thomas, Mary Checkley, William Sr., Elizabeth Curtis, Sarah J. Whitehead, Charles, Ann Dickson and Charles Jr.

Thomas, William Sr. and Charles Boyle and family headstones from Pakenham, ON
Picture of the Thomas Boyle family headstones from Pakenham, ON. Thomas was the eldest of the two brothers that came to Canada aboard the Stakesby ship in 1823 (his younger brother was Henry, and Mary Checkley (misspelt on the tombstone as Checkly) was his first wife). His eldest son, William Sr., was eight when they made the trip from Ireland, and is buried here with both of his wives, Elizabeth Curtis, and Sarah Jane Whitehead. Both Elizabeth and Sarah lived and died in Ontario. William Sr. moved out to the Morden/Darlingford area of Manitoba in the summer of 1877, not long after Sarah died, and he died in Thornhill, MB (just down the road from Darlingford) on Dec. 30, 1895, according to funeral notices that were sent out (not the Dec. 29 shown on the tombstone). His body was then sent back to Pakenham by train, with his son Harry coming with it, for his funeral on Jan. 6, 1896.
Charles was a younger brother of William Sr., who was only 4 when the trip from Ireland was made. He married Anne "Nancy" Dixon around 1850 in Huntley (according to a submitted record to the Mormon Genealogy site), and Charles Jr. was born around 1858, before being interred here after dieing at the young age of 14.
I believe William Sr.'s younger sister Esther (or Hester, who was an infant during the Stakesby trip) moved to Manitoba at the same time her husband, William Storey Sr., and is buried there.