Coco game release approvals

This page will contain copies of emails from the authors of Coco game software, OKing their release to the public. Please note that some approvals were given before I started this project; those releases will be on the CLEAR (Campaign to Leave Emulation Alone (plus an "R")) web page (This includes Mike Hughey, Scott Cabit, and Bob Withers).

1) An email from Robert Lech (The Rugby Circle: Buzzard Bait, Color Caterpillar, Deathtrap)

2) An email from Doug Kelley (Chromasette: Annihilator)

3) An email from Ron Krebs (Mark Data Products: Calixto Island, Black Sanctum, Berserk/Haywire, Cave Hunter, Astro Blast)

4) An email from David Shadoff (Spectral Associates: Star Spores)

5) An email from Jim Kearney (MicroWorks: Star Blaster)

6) An email from David Karam (Prickly-Pear Sofware: To Preserve Quandic)

7) Two emails from J. Weaver Jr. (Computer Shack/Michtron: Catalyst, Intercept 4, Outhouse)

8) An email from Daron Stinnett (Spectral Associates: Cubix, Space Race)

9) An email from Rick Lamont (Spectral Associates: Lancer, Le Mans, Space Race)

10) An email from Brian O'Neill (Independent: PacDude Monster Maze)

11) An email from John Kowalski (Sock Master) (Previously unreleased: Mouse Maze)

12) An email from Scott Adams (Adventure International owner)

13) An email from Jim Hurd (Adventure International: Rear Guard, Sea Dragon)

14) An email from Sylvain Payeur (Previously unreleased: Apollo)

15) An email from David Crandall (DSL Computer Products: Packmaze; Computerware: Doodle Bug, Nerble Force, Voxchess; Tom Mix Software: Fangman; Mark Data Products: El Bandito; AHL Computing: Orbitron, Trickashay; Previously Unreleased: Caterpillar, Eye-Spy, Gobbler)

16) An email from Bill Sethares (Prickly Pear Software: Adventure In Wonderland)

17) An email from Ron Beatty (Tom Mix Software: Protectors)

18) An email from James J. Walton (Freebooter Software: The Lair)

19) An email from Michael Aichlmayr (Tandy (licensed through Spectral Associates): Downland)

20) An email from Jeff Noyle (Oblique Triad: Caladuril: Flame of Light, Caladuril II: Weatherstone's End, The Seventh Link, Overlord, Those Darn Marbles). Jeff also has his own webpage with many more details of his Coco software.

21) An email relayed from Dave Dies (Diecom Products: Bouncing Boulders, Gantelet, Gantelet II, Grand Prix Challenge, Iron Forest, Karate, Knock Out, Marble Maze, Medieval Madness, Paper Route, Rush'N Assault; Novasoft: Color Car Action, Gold Runner, Gold Runner II

22) An email from Steven Hirsch (Michtron: Speed Racer)

23) An email from Harvey Brofman (Intellectronics: Dunkey Munkey, Starfire)

24) An email from Leo Christopherson (Radio Shack: Klendathu)

25) An email from Mike Roberts (Aardvark: Bagitman, Mike-Ro Products: NewBurt)

26) An email from Chris Latham (Tom Mix Software: Donkey King, Sailor Man; Rainbow Magazine: Nuclear Reactor Simulator)

26) An email from Ottmar Bochardt (Colorquest: Zone 6; Mark Data Products: CyberTank)

27) An email from Bob Crispen (Computerware: Apples)

28) An email from Craig Stewart (Radio Shack Australia: Pursuit, Shootout, Space Marauder, Tangle, Tanks)

29) An email from David Clark (Intracolor: Candy Company, Colorpede, Grand Prix, Robotack)

30) An email from Charles Forsythe (Programmer's Guild: Tower of Fear, Ninja Warrior, Pac Droids)

31) An email from Charles A. Husak (Rainbow Magazine: Little Runner)

32) An email from Matt Harper (Novasoft: Wizard's Den)

33) An email from Roland Knight (Color Computer Magazine: Bugs, Independant: Bugs II, Diecom Products: Bouncing Boulders, Gates of Delerium, Gantelet II, Lansford Mansion)

34) An email from Roger Schrag (Adventure International: Airline, Arex, various Scott Adam's Adventure games)

35) An email from Tim Kientzle (Futurehouse Inc.: Haunted House)

36) An email from Darren DeLoach (Futurehouse Inc.: Haunted House)

37) An email from Lance Micklus (Adventure International: Star Trek III). Please note that their may be an issue with Paramount, so I may have to take it down if they complain (hopefully not, an obsolete game on an obsolete system, with no money involved).

38) An email from Greg Zumwalt (American Small Business Computers: Offender, PacketMan; Radio Shack: A Mazing World of Malcom Mortar, Flight Sim I, GFL Football II, Predator, Robocop, Star Blaze, Tetris, Varloc)

39) An email from Jeremy Spiller (Gosub Software/Sundog Systems: Crystal City, Zenix)

40) An email from Greg Miller (Novasoft (Tom Mix Software): Blackbeard's Island)

41) An email from Greg Wittmeyer (GSW Software and then Sundog Systems: War Monger, GSW Software: Jubilex)

42) A copy of an email from Professor Adrian Eddleston (Pocket Money Software: Tea Time)

43) An email from Gene Turnbow (Spectral Assocations: C-Trek)

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