Buzzard Bait

Buzzard Bait title screen Buzzard Bait game screen

Buzzard Bait is a Joust clone, written by the Rugby Circle group, and sold through Tom Mix Software. Joust was one of the first arcade games to actually have a 2 player mode where the players both play against each other, and try to help one another, depending on which wave they are on. This version is a little closer to the original arcade version (compared to Spectral Associates Lancer) as far as nuances go; it actually has the lava troll's arm coming up from the firepit (on later waves) to grab anybody (players or computer controlled fliers) who flies too close to the lava. I always preferred Lancer's "more realistic" flying, even though it is a lot slower of a game than Buzzard Bait.
NOTE: I have been notified that there were two versions released; the difference being that the pterodactyl made a sound when rushing you in the later version.

Title: Buzzard Bait

Author: Robert Lech & Troy Dahlman (Rugby Circle Inc.)

Publisher: Tom Mix

Released: 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, joystick, 32K RAM, disk or tape.


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