A set of Coco 1/2/3 web pages by L. Curtis Boyle

NitrOS9.LCURTISBOYLE.COM is the base address for a new set of web pages devoted to the Coco. Thanks to Scott Griepentrog (owner of STG.NET) for supplying the webspace (for free!) from 2001-2006, but since he is shutting the whole STG.NET domain later this year, it was time to move. It is now costing me some money, but I should have some increased bandwidth now (let me know if you notice a difference).

1) The Tandy Color Computers Game List

This is a steadily growing list of commercial games that were available for all three models of the Color Computers, complete with screenshots, a little background, and occasionally Easter eggs and/or hints or tips. If you know of any additional information on any of the games mentioned here, please email me the information so that I can update the page in question. If you are the author of any of the programs here, and wish to give permission for making the program(s) available for download for other users to see, please email me as well. Some of the programs in the list have been released in such a fashion, and on those pages, you will be able to download the game itself. Many thanks to all of the authors who have done so!

2) The NitrOS9 Ease of Use (EOU) Project page

This page contains downloads (and some information) on the NitrOS-9 Ease of Use (EOU) project - to make NitrOS-9 easy to use, with software pre-installed and configured, the GUI pre-installed and configured, and enhancements. It will also serve as a place to test changes to NitrOS-9 before we release said changes back to the NitrOS-9 Project repository.

3) An interview with Ken Kalish.

Ken is the author of many early Coco 1/2 games, and this interview contains inside information on how the games were designed and what inspired them. Ken has been kind enough to release his entire collection for download (see the games page above), so please send him an e-mail thanking him (his email address is in the interview).
Updated Aug. 11, 2004 - more modern picture of Ken added

4) Radio Shack Coco 3 Demo!

Download the two .DSK images that made up the official Radio Shack Color Computer 3 demo program! This rare program was written by Spectral Associates in 1986 to help Radio Shack stores demo the new Coco 3. There was a key sequence to hit on the title screen that let the store manager change the monitor type or price of the Coco 3 itself, but I don't remember what the sequence is. If you have the MESS emulator, it works in it, as I have tried it. I don't know if it works in Jeff's emulator. If you have a real Coco 3, and you have either OS9 or NitrOS9, and a large enough drive to hold a .DSK image while leaving your floppy drive free (either by another floppy drive, a RAM drive, or a hard drive), you can transfer it to disk via my OS9 DSK Converter program... just fire up BASIC09, and load it. You will also need to have DMODE (rename to just 'dmode') in your CMDS directory... make sure you set the execution attributes!

5) A short history of Ark Royal Games.

This is taken verbatim from the intro to one of their software catalogs from the mid-1980's. Ark Royal Games was the premier war gaming software company for the Coco.

6) A set of Coco related pictures from my personal Coco history

Includes me as a teenager in my early Coco 1 days, our Coco "super-system" from Mercury Graphics, and a set of shots from the 1989 Chicago Rainbowfest.

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