Jubilex intro screen Jubilex Level 1 intro screen
Jubilex intro and level 1 intro screens
Jubilex level 1 game screen

Jubilex Level 1 game screen

Jubilex is a game along the vein of of Scramble from the arcade, designed for the Coco 3 exclusively (and composite mode only, based on the colors). Featuring multiple skill levels, the game is divided into different sections, each of which you fly across a scrolling landscape, maneuvering in all directions, trying to shoot out at objects both in the air and on the ground. You can get weapons power ups, etc. as you go as well. Jubilex was sold independently by it's author under the GSW software name (the author's initials).

Title: Jubilex

Author: Greg Wittmeyer

Publisher: GSW Software

Released: Early 1989

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, disk, joystick.

Download JUBILEX.ZIP (contains DSK image). Type RUN "J" to run.

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