NitrOS9 Ease of Use Project Documentation download page

This page will contain downloads for documentation for NitrOS9 ease of use, eventually including the full, revised and updated manuals for NitrOS-9 Level II itself. It will also contain the update "blog" documentation for each release.

Beginners documentation

NitrOS-9 Ease of Use Beta 5 Beginners Documentation (May 24, 2020). This is both the beginners guide to setting up NitrOS9 EOU in MAME, VCC and real hardware with a CocoSDC, and also a beginners guide to NitrOS9 itself, including special keys, how to use the keyboard mouse, etc. This has been updated a little to help people new to the Coco in general.

NitrOS9 and Ease of Use Full Manual

PLEASE NOTE: This is a work in progress, and will contain multiple PDF's for each replacement section from the original Tandy/Microware OS-9 Level II Manuals.
NitrOS-9 & Ease of Use Beta 5 Manual: WINDOWS section (July 2, 2020 - small update with some optimization tips). This is the updated (with new features and corrections) WINDOWS portion of the full Level II manual.

Ease of Use Updates

NitrOS-9 & Ease of Use Alpha 1 updates (November 22, 2017). This is the original, private group Alpha documentation, including explaining the whole purpose of the project. This was for 6309 only.

NitrOS-9 & Ease of Use Alpha 2 updates (January 12, 2018). This is the original, private group Alpha documentation, and included the first 6809 release, as well as adding full text help in the Shell, some changes to the look of GShell, and several demo and game programs installed.

NitrOS-9 & Ease of Use Alpha 3 updates (April 15, 2018). This is the original, private group Alpha documentation, and was the last of the private group Alphas. This included some minor fixes/optimizations, a new version of Rogue that allowed the special Rogue font to run on non-full screen windows, and a few software installs.

NitrOS-9 & Ease of Use Beta 1 updates (September 1, 2018). This is the first public Beta of EOU. It included a slightly optimized RUNB, multiple changes to GShell (including adding DUMP to the FILES menu), multiple software installs, new enhanced GFX2 package for BASIC09, new SOUND sample folder, and more.

NitrOS-9 & Ease of Use Beta 2 updates (November 30, 2018). This included numerous source code examples for programs on the system, a fix for CoWin to allow it to load larger versions of GRFDRV without crashing, speed optimizations to GRFDRV/6809 for GPLoad, PutBlock, Overlay windows, and full screen width scrolling, and more.

NitrOS-9 & Ease of Use Beta 3 updates (December 21, 2018). This included more GRFDRV/6809 speed optimizations, including clear screen/line, bar drawing, Filled Circle and Filled Ellipse; fixed the mouse driver to access lines 193-199 on 199/200 line screens, numerous software installs, fixed a bug that caused programs that use multiple windows for page flipping to not work correctly, and more.

NitrOS-9 & Ease of Use Beta 4 updates (May 14, 2019). This included many more software installs, tweaked color translation table between RGB and Composite, cleaned up some fonts and commands to be most current versions, installed an optimized version of ASM that is about 10% faster, brought descriptors & drivers on the 6809 version up to par with the 6309 version, and more.

NitrOS-9 & Ease of Use Beta 5 updates (April 30, 2020). This included many, many more software installs, native VDG app launching from GShell, upgrade Superike icon editor to version 1.1, various graphics core bug fixes, added new I$ModDsc system call to IOMAN, vastly improved speed of F$CpyMem system call on 6809 (see PROC, MMAP, etc.), changed keyboard mouse to be local to each window, Rescue on Fractalus is optimized - 6809 version is 10% faster, 6309 version is about 20-30% faster, GShell now allows you to change the displayed program name for an AIF icon, reorganized the Games folder structure, added a new IBM CGA font, the SS.GIP system call was enchanced, a blank user hard drive gives you 128MB for your own projects, and much, much more.

Special documentation

NitrOS-9 Boot Process Explained (June 23, 2019). This is a text file that explains (very briefly) how the NitrOS-9 EOU boot process works, and, if you get an error on the boot screen (indicated by a "*" character, followed by an ASCII code), what the error means.

Full Manual for the VEd text editor version 2.9, by Bob van der Poel>, included with EOU with Bob's permission. Runs properly on real hardware and on MAME; ALT keys seem to be broken in VCC/OVCC for now. Features Global search and replace, full built in help, 53K text buffer size, runs on text or graphics windows.