Rommel's Revenge

Rommel's Revenge intro screen Rommel's Revenge Options screen
Rommel's Revenge intro and options screens
Rommel's Revenge game screen

Rommel's Revenge game screen
Rommel's Revenge PAL loading screen Rommel's Revenge PAL intro screen
Rommel's Revenge loading and intro screens for PAL Coco's & Dragons
Rommel's Revenge PAL options screen

Rommel's Revenge PAL options screen for PAL Coco's & Dragons

Since the game was designed for PAL Coco's and Dragons in the UK, the above 3 screenshots show the display as intended by the authors.

Rommel's Revenge is one of the best clones of the arcade hit, Battle Zone. In it, you drive a tank around a 3D world (which includes geometric obstacles to steer around), attempting to destroy tanks and other enemies, without getting shot yourself. It features a radar, and a two color, highest resolution screen (256x192). Rommel's Revenge allows a lot of customizations; including joystick vs. keyboard controls (and every key can be customized), multiple skill levels, and even saving your option settings to tape to re-use later.
An interesting side note is that the game was developed under OS-9, even though the game itself runs under BASIC. It originally came out in the UK, and was also available for the Dragon 32/64 computers.

Title: Rommel's Revenge

Author: Ian Wareing (Rainbow Software)

Publisher: Design-Design

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, disk, joystick.

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