Thomas Boyle Family tree - and side branches

Family Group Record for William “James” BOWES and Lady Margaret MONTEITH

Husband: William “James” BOWES Born: on 15 Nov. 1760 in Glamis, Scotland Baptized: Married: on 29 Aug. 1791 in Port Glasgow, Scotland Died: on 4 Jan. 1835 in Ramsey Township, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada Buried: in Auld Kirk (near Almonte), Ontario, Canada His Father: John BOWES His Mother: LILLIAS CUTHBERTSON Notes Pedigree Descendants
Wife: Lady Margaret MONTEITH Born: on 2 Oct. 1768 in Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland Baptized: Died: in 1838 in Ramsey Township, Lanark, Ontario, Canada Buried: Her Father: James MONTEITH Her Mother: Katherine KERR Pedigree Descendants
1 Son: John BOWES Born: on 11 July 1792 Baptized: Died: In Infancy Buried: Pedigree
2 Dau: Catherine BOWES Born: on 20 Sep. 1793 Baptized: Died: In Infancy Buried: Pedigree
3 Son: Thomas BOWES Born: on 15 July 1796 Baptized: Died: on 18 Nov. 1877 Buried: His Wife: Janet DICK Pedigree
4 Dau: Margaret BOWES Born: on 18 Sep. 1797 Baptized: Died: in 1883 Buried: Her Husband: William MOORE Pedigree
5 Son: James BOWES Born: on 30 June 1799 Baptized: Died: Buried: Notes Pedigree
6 Son: Alexander BOWES Born: on 4 March 1801 Baptized: Died: Buried: Pedigree
7 Son: John BOWES Born: on 29 July 1802 Baptized: Died: on 1 April 1887 Buried: His Wife: Jane DICK Pedigree
8 Dau: Janet BOWES Born: on 7 March 1805 Baptized: Died: Buried: Her Husband: David MOIR Pedigree
9 Son: Robert BOWES Born: on 22 March 1806 in Damhead of Balloch, Reg of Bonhill, Dubartonshire, Scotland Baptized: on 26 Feb. 1807 Died: on 15 Oct. 1898 in Admaston Township, Ontario, Canada Buried: in Admaston Cemetery, Admaston Township, Ontario, Canada His Wife: Janet BLACK Notes Pedigree Descendants
10 Son: William BOWES Born: on 3 Aug. 1808 Baptized: Died: on 15 Aug. 1808 Buried: Pedigree
11 Son: William BOWES Born: on 1 Jan. 1810 Baptized: Died: on 21 Dec. 1888 Buried: His Wife: Elizabeth HESSON Pedigree
12 Dau: Catherine BOWES Born: on 15 Oct. 1811 Baptized: Died: on 9 Oct. 1876 Buried: Her Husband: William Henry RICHARDS Pedigree
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