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Family Group Record for Robert LENGER and Marianna or Maria “Marie” SZYDEK

Husband: Robert LENGER Born: on 19 Aug. 1868 in Lodz, Poland Baptized: on 20 Aug. 1868 in Lodz, Poland Married: on 18 April 1896 in Lodz, Poland Died: in Feb. 1911 Buried: His Father: Wilhem LENGER His Mother: Susanny SCHMIDT Notes Pedigree Descendants
Wife: Marianna or Maria “Marie” SZYDEK Born: in 1872/3 Baptized: Died: on 15 May 1916 in Chojiny, Germany Buried: Her Father: Karl SCHIEDEK Her Mother: Anastasia REJTICH Notes Pedigree Descendants
1 Dau: Klara “Clara” LAENGER Born: on 27 April 1898 in Lodz, Poland Baptized: Died: on 14 Aug. 1989 in University Hospital, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Buried: on 18 Aug. 1989 in Wadena Cemetery, Wadena, Saskatchewan, Canada Her Husband: Oswald YOUNG Notes Pedigree Descendants Images
2 Son: Alphons LAENGER Born: on 4 April 1904 in Lodz, Poland Baptized: on 21 June 1904 in Poland Died: on 22 Nov. 1983 at home in Wadena, Saskatchewan, Canada Buried: on 25 Nov. 1983 in Wadena Cemetery, Wadena, Saskatchewan, Canada His Wife: Paulina “Paula” FREGINGER Notes Pedigree Descendants Images
3 Son: Richard LAENGER Born: Baptized: Died: between 1960 and 1965 in France Buried: His Wife: (Name Unknown) Notes Pedigree Descendants
4 Dau: Olga LAENGER Born: Baptized: Died: on 6 May 1988 Buried: Pedigree
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